i make shoes.

I'm a shoemaker. There are lots of reasons why I love making shoes, and the fact that I can make a living while avoiding having to write anything coherent is one of those reasons.

Generally, I'm a slow writer, and have to read and edit everything five times before sending anything to anyone... that's my perfectionist side that also drives me to make awesome shoes. ha. But anyway, I'm going to ignore that tendency, and write my posts as fast as possible. Which means, there's going to be lots of spelling errors and poor grammar and bad etiquitte and stuff - but this is the only way I'll be able to squeeze a blog in while trying to keep up with my business duties. So there it is.

The goal of this blog is to illustrate a new pair of shoes every day - well, every week day. There's, like, gazillions of ways to tie Mohops, and I thought it would be fun to show some of the different styles anyone could come up with.

I'll also be talking about my effort to maintain and expand my little factory here in Chicago. At this moment, the factory consists of me (the shoemaker), my husband (the part-time researcher and bookkeeper), a bandsaw, an oscillating sander, several drillpresses, a pile of wood, and a 725 square foot studio in the St. Bens/North Center neighborhood. We also have some assistants now and again. It's all quite modest, but I hope someday to grow it into something a bit more... it's been an adventure so far!

Here's my digs:
Yes, we fashion designers lead very glamorous lives.

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