lara miller

One of my favorite clothing designers is Lara Miller. Her dresses are like the clothing version of my shoes. Or rather, my shoes are the footwear version of her designs - she's been super succesful way longer than Mohop's been around (yet, she's somehow several years younger, grrr...) Her designs are so cool, there's lots of different ways to wear them by flipping them upside down, inside out, or wrapping and twisting them in different ways. I have a couple of her dresses as well as a little sweater, and I can't wear them without someone complimenting me. Then I'm all like, "hey! what about my shoes!?! they're cool too!" ha.

Her clothing is also eco-friendly and animal-friendly, so we have lots in common - she's like my fashion soulmate.

Lara's Long Mitri Dress (the shorter version is above) will worn by the presentation models during the first half of the People's Choice Awards which airs tonight, January 7 on CBS! I'll be sure to tune to see her gorgeous gowns.

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