new shoes! 1st pair

Tying Mohops is easy as lacing your trainers/sneakers/gym shoes/whatever you want to call them. The best way to start is by lacing them in what I call "the basic tie" (I'm really good at coming up with catchy names).

  • before you put the shoe on, lace it up like a tennis shoe [illustrations A, B, C]
  • loosen the ribbon so you can easily slip your foot into the shoe, with all ribbons on top of your foot
  • tighten the ribbons on your foot, starting at the loops near your toes. work your way back, pulling the ribbons firmly against your foot to achieve even tension. the sandal should feel slightly tighter than you may be used to with other shoes; the elastic will allow the ribbons to move with your foot [illustration D]
  • tie a knot or a bow [illustration E]

KEEP IN MIND: you can use as many or as few of the loops you’d like - try lacing all of them for a Grecian-inspired look [illustration F]. try using just the first couple loops for an easy, simple slide - or try skipping or alternating loops... it’s up to you!

The above picture shows our 3/8" fuschia stitch grosgrain ribbons at 66" long (the length they come), laced in the first four loops on a size 7 foot - I mention the foot size because the ribbons would look shorter on a larger foot, or longer on a smaller foot. If the bow is a bit large for your taste, you could trim the ribbon, or lace through another set of loops - whatever you're in the mood for.

Tune in tomorrow for a new pair of shoes! xoxox


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