new shoes! 12th pair

Oops, it's been a week since I last posted a new pair. This is supposed to be Fresh Shoes Daily, not Fresh Shoes Whenever I Get Around To It. So I'll get back on the ball.

However, I do have a good excuse. I'm moving to a new studio, yay! More on that in the next post. More importantly, it's time for new shoes!

I love this shot. It was taken by the spectacularly talented TS Harrington. We have the sandals tied in the basic ankle tie, then wrapped UP the leg, goddess-style. This look uses about 5 yards of lemon satin ribbon per leg - that's 10 yards in all, or 30 feet of ribbon. It's not always easy to find spools of that much ribbon in the fabric shops, so I'm hoping to carry similar ribbon in the next couple of months.

The secret to making sure the ribbons stay up is to wrap them all the way to the top of your calf as shown. That way, they're secured where your leg tapers right under your knee, and gravity can't do its dirty work and drag them down as you walk. If you'd rather have the ribbons go up to your mid-calf or so, I recommend double-sided tape to keep them up. Otherwise, you'd have to tie them really super tight, and that would be uncomfortable and give you muffin calves.


  1. Hi Annie! I'm buying a pair of the wedges this week; I can't decide between the mid- or the high- would you please post a picture of a foot in the mid-heel wedge? (All the gallery shots are of the high...) Thanks so much! I'm a big fan.


  2. Hi -

    I just found you. Congratulations on your new studio. It looks lovely. Nothing like the Saw movies, I swear. Anywho - I gotta get to shopping and decide shoes I want to buy. I wear a 7 1/2; what do you recommend for size? Stop by and visit if you ever get a free minute. hehe. I'll understand if you don't!


  3. Awesome shoes! I want to get a pair for my wedding. Before I order, can you tell me if it's possible to get a pair of the low cherry wedges with the Leila footprint style?
    Thanks for the help and the beautiful work you do!

  4. hi.. you have beautiful shoes.. could you tell me how long it takes to get them made and shipped.. Im looking at the godess ones.. thanks..