new shoes! 6th pair

Today's new pair of shoes are pretty similar to the basic tie - the only difference is that we're wrapping the extra ribbon length around the ankle. The ribbons we sell on our site are all 66" long, so for those ribbons to be long enough to wrap around your ankle, you will skip some of the loops as you lace them up.

In this illustration, we laced the first two sets of loops, then skipped to the 5th set of loops. From there, you can wrap the ribbons behind your foot and around your ankle as shown above and in the photo. The ribbon at the back of your ankle, where your Achilles tendon is, may tend to fall down if your ankle doesn't taper a lot there. No worries, there's a solution:
  • at the back of the ankle, just before tying your knot/bow, tuck one end of the ribbon under and around the ribbons circling your ankle.

It's so simple to do, not as simple to describe. One of these days, I'm going to make little videos showing these different ways to tie... But anyway, here's a photo showing 5/8" wide gold lame ribbon. Each ribbon is 66" long, shown on a size 7 foot:

We really don't recommend Mohops for rock climbing, by the way.

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