Yay, thong shoes!

We've introduced a new style of shoes this morning, available exclusively on Etsy! I've been putting off creating a thong sandal for ages because I'm one of those people who hates anything between my toes. But these are comfy for even the thong-averse because the shoe can be tied so that there's no pulling or abrasion between the toes. Seriously, they're really comfy! And of course you can wear them like flip-flops, or tie them around your ankles for a completely different look.

I've strived to make this new line as budget-friendly as possible, and with all the different ways the shoes can be tied, I really do think they are a great value (especially when I know how many hours of painstaking labor go into each pair! ;_) ) If you tie your shoes in the nine ways shown above, that's only $10 a pair for artisan shoes - and that's just the tip of the iceberg for styling options! [Yeah, I'm really excited about these new sandals!] Your order comes with an ispiration booklet with illustrated instructions for 10 different styles of shoes to get you started.

By the way, there's only a couple days left in the Facebook tying contest! There's some really amazing designs there, check it out!


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  4. I've been waiting for a thong style. However, I think the loop between the toes would be much better in a nude color rather than black. When a ribbon other than black is used, it looks like you have dirt between your toes.

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