I know it might be unusual to buy wooden sandals from a stranger on the internet. Are the shoes comfy, is Annie responsive to questions, is it possible to walk in these things?*

I haven't made a product review/testimonial page on mohop.com, as 1) I don't know really how to do that and 2) the only thing I would know how to do is make a list quotes from customer emails, and that seems weird to me. But, there is currently feedback from over 100 customers at Etsy.com, so if you're the type of person who likes to do a bit of research before you make an important purchase (and aren't shoes so important?), then check out the comments here!

*the answer is emphatically yes ;)


  1. Comfy to walk in or not..Your shoes are just too cute. I have to have a pair myself.

  2. Fashionable Earth loves these shoes !! Very eco-friendly and also very chic :)

    Read our review: http://fashionableearth.org/blog/2009/10/08/wear-a-nee-pair-of-shoes-every-day/

    Thanks for the great idea, and good luck!

  3. Oops! Sorry about the above post - this is the correct website:


  4. I love the organic look of these wooden-soled shoes. They are gorgeous! Unfortunately, in soggy Seattle they would work during the rainy season. Will definitely go for these next Spring!

  5. They are comfy. Annie is a dream to work with. They're quite easy to walk in. (I'm a certified klutz and the mid-heel wedges give me no trouble at all.)

    More praise here: http://borealiswedding.blogspot.com/search/label/Mohop

  6. I love these shoes...they are very comfortable!! And the adjustable tie makes it easy to place the ribbons where they won't cause blisters if you are prone to them...Annie was very responsive with me, and we had quite a few email exchanges back and forth, and she was always very accessible! I have had a pair for a month now, and quite a few of my friends have seen them, tried them on, and are buying their own pairs!

  7. Hi Annie,

    Your shoes are amazing. I came across your work in the book version of handmade nation at the library. I've never quite seen anything like this before. You're doing a wonderful job!

    Karen from Singapore

  8. omg.... i dont really know what to say.... love your idea :)but.... here is the thing... been looking for something like this for a year now.... one day i had the best idea... to make the simpliest shoe ever...and i been searching - all the fashion shows and shoe shops, talking to people.... because i could not believe something that simple is not out there.... and i found some shoes with changing tops but that wasnt simple enough... i wanted make a shoe sole and change the look for everyday with just changing ribbons and wow here you are.... i knew someone had to have the idea before because is the best..... only thing is... my shoe sole is a bit different... but i dont know the small difference is enough to call that a different shoe...i really want to have that hope ... i would like if you could contact me, if you interested -- gbirgere@gmail.com ...just i dont know now .... i just wanted my shoe to see a day light so badly....