Etsy shoes

I added a few shoes to Etsy - there are a few sandals from the now discontinued ply line, as well as a couple extra overstock wedges. They're already made, and ready to ship within two days! [By the way, if you're waiting on custom sandals you've ordered at mohop.com and there's a shoe on Etsy that you'd rather have right away, you are absolutely welcome to exchange!]


  1. Oh my god. I just found you, your blog, your shoes. I think you are my hero. I was just at the bookstore looking at craft books and was so disappointed in the woodworking section (I make stuff out of wood, mainly toys). All the woodworking books like so male-oriented and boring and oak colored and I raised my fist to the ceiling of Barnes and Noble and yelled, "Why don't more women work with wood?!" Then I turned around and picked up Handmade Nation, and there you were.
    Keep up the amazingly beautiful work.

  2. Wow, thanks so much! I know what you mean about woodworking books - I always thought it would be so fun to write a woodworking book with lovely, modern little projects, as I don't feel like there's anything out there that's particularly inspiring. Things are either cheesy country-crafty, or intimidating furniture projects. Perhaps someday you and I could collaborate ;)

  3. I LOVE that cat! And TOTALLY know how he feels :)