#1 awesome husband

Hands off ladies, the best husband ever is mine... all mine.

We finally received Bunker the CNC machine in our studio several weeks after we had expected it - then it still needed to be wired and set up, which my husband volunteered to do because I made him. Unfortunately, the kid has been sick and/or working vast overtime hours at his "real" job, and has not been able fulfill my demands. So finally, in a fit of panic after a good yelling at from a third party, I asked him very sweetly to FINISH IT NOW, AND I DON'T CARE IF YOU HAVE TO STAY UP ALL NIGHT!!! Which he did - Monday night, I picked him up from work, bought him pizza, and stayed up all night with him until the job was finished. He finally pulled everything together at 7 am Tuesday morning (it works!), then I drove him home for a quick shower and then back to work. Wow, my hero. Here's to you, C!

This was taken at the Critic's Choice Awards last year. We attended the after party because we provided the official gift bag shoes. Let me tell you, contrary to what US Weekly will have you believe, the huge stars do not go to the after parties... Brad and Angie, George, the whole crowd attended the awards, but could we hobnob with them at the party? No. Siamak did literally rub shoulders with Cuba Gooding, Jr., and the cute young girl from Bridge to Terebethia, Anna Sophia Robb, was *really* staring at my shoes in a way that I could not tell was good or bad. But that was all the excitement. No need to ever attend a Hollywood after party again, that's checked off the list.

Anyway, back to shoe production drama... now I still have to figure out the programming thing to get Bunker to help make us all some fabulous shoes for the summer. So back to work. I just wanted to brag about my hubs for a bit. :)


  1. And plus he's cute, too! (You forgot to say that part... in case he notices).

  2. I just came across your shoes today...you are truly brilliant. I am on a spending hiatus right now but man o man when I break your shoes are top priority. I am giving you a shout out on my blog tonight. I used the photo from your home page. Is that okay with you?
    bravo to you!

  3. Just came across your shoes, via a wedding forum link to your etsy site, I think... in any case, I love them, and can't wait to get a pair as soon as my shoe budget is in a little better shape! I've been looking for wedding shoes for months now, and have had a really difficult time finding the exact red strappy sandal I've had in mind, so the possibility of lacing those perfect straps my own self is completely fabulous.

  4. I would jump at the chance to go to an after party... even for one celeb!

  5. Speaking of wedding shoes: an old gf of mine has been planning her wedding and was lamenting about how she couldn't find any shoes that she likes. I sent her here so I hope the magic works on her as well as it did on me. I adore my mohops and do my damnedest to get everyone I know to buy a pair. So far my success has been 0 but most everyone I know wants a pair, they just have to get their shoe budgets on par first.

  6. hi
    do you sell on etsy? As with everyone else I have just found them and I am in love.
    Your blog is great. I look forward to hearing more more more. Nothing is to trivial when it comes to shoes or the lives of creative people.

  7. He sounds like a keeper!

    Your shoes are amazing!

  8. These shoes are fantastic. I love the entire idea, so many options, styles & colors. I love a little grosgrain ribbon on ANYTHING! Love them!

  9. Thanks so much for your sweet comments, and for helping spread the word about my shoes! Nicole, thanks so much for the blog feature :) Joni, I sometimes have shoes on Etsy, but at the moment, they're all sold out. I'm not sure when I'll have more shoes to add... http://mohop.etsy.com